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The parties declare this rental does not concern premises leased for use as main residence or for combined professional and main residential use.

Therefore, they agree that their respective rights and obligations will be governed by the stipulations of this agreement, by the order of December 28, 1976, amended and, otherwise, by the provisions of the Civil Code.

The premises covered by this agreement are leased furnished and on a seasonal basis  



The chalet rental (on a week basis) includes :

– Welcome package

– Superior concierge service available if needed

– Linens, bath towels, bathroom products

– Final housekeeping (If chalet let in good conditions, no dishes in the sink)



The Landlord will rent the property on the dates mentionned on the contract from. Arrival time will be after 5 pm, departure time before 10 am. 

When the rental will begins, the Landlord will give to the Tenant, the keys along with the instructions relating to the property.




The property rental price includes the rental itself with the services mentioned in the chalet description, all taxes included and more particularly including the VAT. The prices are indicated in €uros and are payable in this same currency.  


This accommodation is granted and accepted in exchange of the price mentionned in the booking.


In order to reserve the property, the Tenant will return this agreement initialed on each page and signed, information forms duly completed.


When the reservation is made : The tenant agrees to pay the Landlord the sum mentionned in the booking confirmation. 50 % at the reservation and 50 % 4 weeks before the checkin. If the Tenant does not pay the balance of the rental price within the time frame mentioned above, the rental will be cancelled automatically barring express agreement with the Landlord.


To cover any damages the tenant can extend his main house assurance to the chalet during the peridod rented, this extend is free + a deposit will be asked 3 days before the arrival, not debited (PLBS)



The Tenant will be required to take out insurance with an insurance company against the risks of theft, fire and water damage, both with regard to his/her tenant’s risks and for the rented furnishings, as well as concerning claims made by neighbors, and to provide full proof immediately on request of the Landlord or his representative. Consequently, the latter declines all liability for the action that their insurance company may take against the Tenant in the event of an incident.

In the event that the Tenant is absent from the rented premises, day or night, the Tenant shall also ensure that he/she complies with the terms and conditions of the insurance contract for the property, at the risk of being held liable, namely:

–  lock all exterior windows and doors

–  set the alarm system with which the property is equipped

Any assignment of this rental agreement, any total or partial sublet, any provision – even free of charge-, are strictly prohibited.  The Tenant may not leave the premises at the disposal, even free of charge and/or on loan, to a person who is not part of his/her household. 


The Landlord states that a copy of the inventory will made available to the Tenant on the date of his/her arrival.  All complaints concerning the inventory or the cleanliness of the chalet must be made within 48 hours following arrival.  After this deadline, the client will be considered to have recognized the accuracy of the inventory and the cleanliness of the chalet.



The Landlord declares that he has free disposal and full enjoyment of it during the period defined in section 3.



– The Tenant will use the leased property and the furnishings and equipments peacefully according to the purpose assigned to them by the rental agreement, and will be liable for the damage and losses that may occur in the premises ofwhich he/she has exclusive enjoyment.

– The Tenant will look after the rental property and will return it clean and in good repair at the end of the agreement. If items appearing in the inventory are broken or damaged, the Landlord may claim their replacement value.

– He/she must avoid all noise liable to disturb the neighbors, particularly noise from radios, televisions, etc.

– The Tenant may not exercise any recourse against the Landlord in case of theft and damage in the leased premises.

– The Chalet must not, under any circumstances, be occupied by more than 12 adults for the entire rental term in view of the landlord’s insurance and liability. For this purpose, the Landlord reserves the right to terminate the rental agreement at any time and without compensation or reimbursement of the rent.

– Any failure to observe one or more obligations listed above will automatically offer the Landlord the possibility of terminating the rental agreement unilaterally and at any time, without costs or compensation.

– The tenant may not object to an inspection of the premises if the Landlord or his representative so request.

– Out of a concern for respect for the interiors and the environment, pets are not allowed in the Chalet.  If the presence of an animal is noted, upon arrival or during the tenant’s stay, the landlord may terminate the rental at any time without reimbursement of or compensation for the amount.


The furniture and furnishings contained in the chalet/flat must only suffer wear and tear resulting from the normal use for which they are intended.  They must therefore be used according to the use for which they are intended and must not be moved to another location.

The client must report to the housekeeper or to the landlord’s representative all damage or breakage that occurred during his/her stay.  The client will be liable for the items contained in the Chalet and will be required to reimburse missing or damaged items, at their price, or their repair and their cleaning, particularly bedding. If the premises are damaged(walls, ceilings, paint, bathroom or other equipment), due to a cause other than normal wear and tear, the tenant will also be required to reimburse the price of the repairs, based on the assessment made by the Landlord.

The tenant must absolutely refrain from disposing of items in bathroom sinks, bath tubs, bidets, kitchen sinks, washers, toilets, etc., likely to clog the pipes; otherwise he/she will be liable for the expenses incurred to get this equipment working again. In this case, due to the problems experienced during the season in getting staff or a specialized company to provide repair service, the Landlord declines all liability concerning any potential delay in performing the necessary repairs. Hanging laundry in the windows and on balconies is expressly prohibited.

In short, the tenant must make sure that he/she shows consideration for the rented property, that he/she uses it in accordance with its intended purpose and that he/she maintains a level of quality in the rental property identical to level on the date he took possession of the premises.


Signing the agreement irrevocably commits the two parties.  No termination is possible except by written agreement of the parties.  If the Tenant abandons the rental, he/she remains liable for the entire rent amount.




The Tenant has taken out comprehensive insurance in order to protect him/herself against tenant’s risks (water damage, fire).

The occupants must make sure that they close the doors and windows of the Chalet when they go out. The Landlord will be released from all liability for any theft suffered by the tenant or the persons occupying the Chalet with him/her.



If the Tenant breaches one of the contractual obligations, this rental agreement will be terminated automatically. This termination will take effect 48 hours following  simple notice given by registered letter, return receipt requested, or letter delivered in person that has had no effect. 




For the performance of this agreement, the Landlord and the Tenant elect domicile in their respective places of residence.  However, in case of any disputes, the court with jurisdiction over the Landlord’s place of residence will have sole jurisdiction. This agreement and its effects and consequences are subject to French law.

Documents signed and scanned, are perfectly valid for both parts,


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